Sunday, February 01, 2015

Outlook iOS App – Nice try but with caveats

This week Microsoft released a “new” iOS app for Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook - App Store on iTunes

As I understand it, it is based on a previous “Acompli” iOS app purchased by Microsoft.

Nevertheless, it is slick, allows you to see multiple email accounts in a unified inbox, does some magic to try to sort mail into various groupings for easy processing, etc.

I downloaded it and it worked great for my Outlook accounts.

Here are more articles and details.

However, there are some potential security concerns..both for those who might like to use it with their corporate Outlook accounts and for standard users as well.

I can’t recommend using it (just yet) with any work-based accounts, nor would I consider using it on a workplace issued iPhone. At least not until more work is done.

If you are curious about the security fuss, take a look at these articles and choose accordingly.

I’m going to play with the the app some more for now with a toss-away Outlook account to get more familiar with the product.

I really like what I see but I’m just not sure about the security concerns just yet. I need to hear more debate and see more data before becoming convinced.

Constant Vigilance!

Clause Valca

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