Sunday, February 08, 2015

Fallout continues on the Outlook mobile app

I didn’t really bring my waders out so I’m remaining on the bank for now but here are some updates to the Outlook (Acompli-based) mobile app chatter.

If you are new to the discussion…maybe refer to this past GSD post: Outlook iOS App – Nice try but with caveats

First, Microsoft has released an update to their app to bring it to 1.0.2. Mostly UI and some feature/bug fixes.

OK, René Winkelmeyer hasn’t had any new blog posts on the subject, but remains very (kindly) engaged in the comments on his last blog post on the issue; Updates on the latest Outlook iOS App issues. So keep dropping in there for now to see where the discussion is going.

Apparently the European Union Parliament's IT department has decided that the Outlook app isn’t ready for prime-time use by it’s supported user base.

My 2¢ ?

I continue to use it on my personal phone with a throwaway account just to use for testing the app. I’m still not using it now for any of my core personal email accounts, nor would I even consider using it – no matter how much better the GUI is than the stock iOS mail app – on my work-issued & MDM administered phone.


--Claus Valca

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