Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lenovo Superfish – Cleanup in Seafood Isle Needed!

What a mess.

I guess there is something to be said about “clean” OS installs…even for brand-spanking-new hardware.

What I find interesting in this particular event (now that the initial dust seems to have settled) are both the analysis of the threat created and the removal techniques; especially the manual removal process.

For Cleanup

For Background

Better bring an extra mop…

--Claus Valca


FF Extension Guru said...

Remind me never to buy a Lenovo product again. Did own a Lenovo laptop when I returned to school in 2011. It was okay, didn't really work that well for what I needed (network simulation software) even with 8 GB of RAM, suspect it had to do with the small on board cache. I ended up passing it on to a family member who just uses it for Internet.

I was rather shocked to hear about this over the weekend though. Very bad move on their part.

Claus said...

@ FF Extension Guru - It looks like the mess is continuing to grow and spread with identification of other companies using a similar strategy.

I expect to see this get even more traction as deeper reviews are done of other similar "partnerships" with other software companies.

Stay tuned for details....this may be just as messy as the old Sony "rootkit" fiasco from many years ago.

May or may not make the front page but I think the security sharks will be circling.

--Claus V.