Monday, May 30, 2016

Quickpost: Thunderbird Notes

New annoyance fixed: Fix Thunderbird 45 Enter-key creating two lines (gHacks Tech News). Note: I probably should just go to “plain text” email formatting. Life would be so much simpler…

I didn’t save any notes but some time ago – perhaps after a Thunderbird version upgrade, I started noticing an error that my add-on Extra Folder Columns was disabled and no longer working.

I finally decided to do something about the error message.

I quickly found this note by “SpartacusOrangatang”:

For all those w/ TB38+ that don't want the unread total to include subfolders... 

by SpartacusOrangatang on February 22, 2016 · permalink · translate

When Mozilla integrated this add-on in Thunderbird, they removed the ability to set things so that a folder's unread count is limited to that folder only, and not all of its subfolders. Fortunately, you can change this behavior in the preference editor. Simply change "mail.folderpane.sumSubfolders" to false, restart TB, and all will be well again.

Oh.  So this add-on is now a bundled feature of Thunderbird. That explains why it stopped working I guess.

I followed that tip and added the preference setting and removed the Extra Folder Columns add-on. No more error message.

I did some minor tweaking to the column appearance as explained in this feature note.

Expanded Folder Pane columns - New in Thunderbird 38.0 - Thunderbird Help

For some reason I didn’t know this either and had only recently noticed it as well: What does asterisk mean in Inbox (*12) • mozillaZine Forums

Answer: “The asterisk in the main folder means that there are new messages in a subfolder of that main folder.”

Here are the add-ons I run in Thunderbird as of this posting.

That is all.

Claus Valca

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