Monday, May 30, 2016

Move that Window!

It never fails that when I pull my laptop off my docking station and then start it up again in the field, I’ll have an “orphaned” application window launch on my “phantom” 2nd monitor.

Getting it repositioned back on the visible display is always a pain.

Here are some tips/tools to help.

How to move or resize windows with the keyboard – BetaNews

On Windows 7 and later, pressing Win+Left or Win+Right snaps the current window to the left or right half of the screen.

Using Win+Shift+Left moves the window across displays on a multimonitor setup.

Win+Up and Win+Down maximize and minimize your window.

If a window is positioned off the screen, then pressing Alt+Space+M is still an easy way to bring it back. Just press or hold down the arrow keys to move it wherever you need.

Window Seizer – freeware app from Alex Nolan. Click the window’s process, then click the “Move to 1,1” icon on the bar. It doesn’t always work properly, but does more times than not. Portable single exe file.

MultiMonitorTool – NirSoft – Has some options to move a/some/all windows to the primary monitor. Portable app in both x32 and x64 versions.


Claus Valca

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