Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rest, Relaxation, and Rollicking

I managed to grab a "play-day" today and will try to chill out doing some Su Doku puzzles (thanks Mike!) and blogging.

Chores for the day (Lavie says I can't take a day off without doing some kind of household chores...she's right!) include yard cutting, pruning (it's not quite season yet but our hibiscus plants keep growing like weeds), grocery shopping, and some mundane mopping.

My brother came over this weekend and showed off his beautiful Cannon Digital Rebel XT camera. We had lots of fun playing with it. It is very fast and can be controlled via USB directly from a computer (handy for making rock-steady shots). I was surprised how light the body was. Cannon will be releasing a new model, the XTi with 10.1 Megapixel sensor and a larger 2.5" LCD screen.....Hmmm....I don't have one yet. Do I go with a (likely to be cheaper) XT model or the newer XTi model.....Darn Cannon!

At the end of the day he ended up leaving his GITS:SAC DVD collection he loaned me at our house (again), and he made off with my prescription "cop-sunglasses" left in the door of his truck. Oh well, just another excuse for bro's to get together again.

He did share with me a rollicking well made video: Battlefield 2 - The Pwned Life. It's a satiric documentary of soldiers' lives in the multi-player pc game Battlefield 2. Very well done and a real riot of laughs! The narrator sounds quite a bit like StrongBad to me....

Terribly not Safe for Work! (Strong Language, Game Violence, Strong likelihood of breaking a rib laughing)

Sorry--no embedded video due to content. Click a link...

Battlefield 2 - The Pwned Life (Google Video) (also on YouTube)

If that type of humor isn't your thing, here is one that is safe for the whole family:

Hamster Wheel Gone Wrong....Run little guy, run....!

It's not Friday just yet, but TikiBar is hosting a wonderful tech-term loaded episode "Son of the Internet" pondering bandwidth, bandheight, a bluescreen,and....oh who cares?! Bring on Lala in 16:9 goodness!

What do you get when someone named Jon Swift reviews books on that he hasn't read yet? Wickedly funny social commentary!


Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America:

I love Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, January 16, 2006
I have not actually read this book but I love the movie with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. I thought it was very funny and very imaginative with all of the alien creatures. I don't remember the movie saying anything about the Supreme Court but I know they often change books when they adapt them into movies. Even though I agree with everything Justice Scalia says he does sometimes seem like an alien from another planet, which I mean in a good way.

Pretty clever.....


Jon Swift said...

Thank you for mentioning my reviews. You might be interested to know I also have a blog.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for pointing it out!