Saturday, September 16, 2006

Making out with a (Fire)fox


So you've become convinced that Firefox is the "World's Greatest Web Browser".

I (generally) feel that way as well.

Here are some new toys to enhance your enjoyment:

Firefox Portable 2.0 Beta 2 Released -

Firefox (latest version) -

Firefox 2.0 Release Schedule - (All dates tentative and subject to change....)

The Funniest Firefox Extensions - (Pretty useless but worth a laugh.)

Firefox Showcase (Extension) - Similar to Viamatic foXpose. View lots of open tabs at in a single view.

XUL Tutorial for creating Mozilla extensions

Firefox Toolbar Tutorial - (Make your own.)


Some time ago I wrote a guide on "hacking-the-fox" to make older versions of Firefox extensions (mostly) compatible with newer release versions of Firefox (like the Beta releases). It still works great, but I've found an extension that can do that automatically now!

Nightly Tester Tools extension.

The trick here is to first install this extension in your current build of Firefox (assuming 2.0b2) . Restart Firefox.

Now, say you want to use "Sage" in Firefox 2.0b2 but it won't install because it isn't "officially" updated yet.

Download (don't install) the extension to your local drive (say your desktop)--by right-clicking the Install link and saving link as...

In the Firefox menu list, go to "Tools", "Nightly Tester Tools", "Install Extension or Theme."

Select the theme or extension you want to install (that isn't compatible yet) and choose the install option. Restart Firefox.

You are good to go!


Enjoy your make-out session...


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