Saturday, September 16, 2006

Go Speed Racer, Go!

Sorry. Struggling for a snappy title there.

Slow Saturday.

I'm in the process of installing my third (3rd) version of Microsoft's Vista RC1 (in Virtual PC 2004). I've installed it successfully on two laptops and now I'm on my third, which is on my desktop system at home. If I wanted to, I could have just copied my virtual hard-drive file over, but I failed to get screen-captures of the installation process, so I figured one more go-round would be fine.

I'll be posting a "how-to" install on what I did very soon. I'm very impressed (though didn't want to be). I showed Lavie it last night running on her laptop and she asked when I would be buying it for her and loading it on her laptop. THAT is a big endorsement.

While I'm doing this, I'll be listening to my new Apple iTunes v7. This is the kind of update/version difference improvement that I have been hoping to see Firefox roll out in v2.0. I don't think it will happen, but I can dream. I'm really amazed with it.

In the is some linkage to waste your time on...

Banned Books Week (Sept. 23-30). Celebrate your freedom to read. Explore some titles at Seraphim (via Megatokyo) posted some thoughts back in 2003 on the subject.

Need a mmc memory card reader on the cheap? Hack a floppy connector!

Need to get healthy? 10 Reasons to Drink more Water (via The Ririan Project) I'm terribly bad about not drinking enough water. I'll drink a travel-mug of coffee on the commute in to work. Then maybe 1/2 a bottle water during the day (unless I dine out for lunch then its a glass or two of iced tea or a Large Sonic cherry limeade. And another 1/2 at night. Not nearly enough, I know. I must get better about that.

I'm not really sure what this is about, but the pictures are neat. Growing a Hidden Architecture - Christian Kerrigan (via Interactive Architecture dot org

So I was driving down Bay Area Boulevard near the IBM building, and out of the corner of my eye spotted a colorful cardboard sign planted in the median with an arrow pointing down to the roadway. I read the sign and followed the arrow, and burst out in a horribly inappropriate fit of laughter. Lavie missed it so I had to explain. Saw something very similar to this (DON'T CLICK IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY ROAD-KILL). It was soooo wrong of me to find that funny....

Sorry about that,

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