Sunday, September 24, 2006

IT Cheat Sheets

When I attended public elementary school , they had these quiz books that had the answers covered in a light-red overprint. When the exercise had been completed, the teacher would pass out these "wands" that had a transparent-red film on them. We could then hover the wand over the red-out answer to magically reveal the answers! How cool was that!

So we quickly learned a neat hack: At lunchtime we would scour the playground for bits of red-film candy wrappers (like wrapped up those hot cinnamon candies) and we could use those to reveal the answers pre-wand handout. Oh, we thought we were so clever. Of course, if you got busted, it was a trip down to the principal's office.

I've previously posted about a Google cheat-sheet, but got digging and found quite a few more nice ones. There is quite a lot of cross-linking in there, so pick your favorites and bookmark those.

Just don't get caught by the teacher!

IT Cheat Sheets

CSS Cheat Sheet - via ILoveJackDaniels (more of his awesome cheat sheets)

Tech Cheat Sheets: 66 Cheat Sheets and counting.... Nice navigation design.

Our Favorite Cheat Sheets - covering subjects such as software applications, networking, web design, keyboard shortcuts, browser shortcuts, MS Office cheatsheets, micellaneous subjects, Net speak, operating systems, programming and scripting, Google helps.

Cheat Sheets site lists and more Cheat Sheets
Mozilla Thunderbird Cheat Sheet - very nice and professional looking from Lesile Franke.

Firefox Cheat Sheet - also from Lesile Franke.

Gmail Quick Reference Sheet - pick your format.

Google Cheat Sheet - This is the best one I've seen yet. (Updated link 10/30/06)

Cheat Sheet Roundup - Over 30 Cheatsheets for developers

HTML, CSS, PHP, and More Cheat Sheets

Blogging Cheatsheets for Blogger, TypePad, WordPress and Movable Type



Anonymous said...

The Google Cheat Sheet is now updated.

Link: :)

Claus said...

Thanks for the lead!

I've updated accordingly and changed the link reference.