Saturday, September 09, 2006

Go Atlantis!

I missed watching the live launch of the space shuttle Atlantis. I was down at the barber getting what little hair I keep on my head buzzed down even tighter to my scalp. Bummer.

NASA has it's ever entertaining website.

CNN finally posted a video of the launch that I was able to watch. Neato!

While browsing the web the other day, I found these interesting sites related to the Russian orbital vehicle.

Shuttle Buran (via NASA)

Energia-Braun (The Energia was what the Russian space program called it's heavy-lift booster rocket system). Nice pics.

Prototype Buran on display (Google Satellite view) in Gorky Park, Moscow.

Baikonur Cosmodrome (Google Sightseeing) - world's oldest and largest operational space launch facility in Russia. Has a link to the building where a roof-collapse (still not repaired) took out the original Buran orbiter and Energia mockup. Bummer.

For comparisons, visit a bird's-eye view of Cape Canaveral (Google Sightseeing) with the two shuttle launch towers and hanger.

Godspeed brave adventurers....

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