Monday, January 20, 2014

The GSD Curmudgeon comments…

I am so glad that the 2014 CES is over!

I’m tired of seeing my RSS feed pile filled with articles touting the wonderful Jetson’s-like world where everything will be networked together chatting away to make my life “better”.

…and Google buying Nest and the potential in-home data leakage it may bring out in our homes. But then good points (on both sides) have already been made on the topic.


And so the GSD Curmudgeon dumps these links for those crazy kids running rough-shod all over my carefully groomed IT yard this month.

Almost enough to generate a paradigm shift for some folks…just not in the direction you think:

As a sociology major, I’m curious to see how as technology merges and our “life-experience” becomes even more interconnected, if there won’t be a measurable trend in the number of persons and families seeking alternative shelter and community in other non-traditional technology eschewing (or limiting) religious groups.

As a sysadmin, I’m curious to see how security technology and practices will rise to meet the interconnected new product world for our protection and data leakage control.

Claus V.

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