Saturday, January 11, 2014

Astronomy Software freeware

I don’t believe I’ve posted any significant lists of astronomy freeware software since 2006.

Last week I saw Microsoft released version 5.0 of their WorldWide Telescope project so it seemed a good time to post that and a few others.

Then there is Celestia.

You can install nice add-on features via packages from The Celestia Motherlode including both real and fictional spacecraft.

And there is also a Celestia Portable version as well.

Couple either of these with Stellarium (or Stellarium Portable) and you have a very nice package for your star-gazing activities.

As a handy supplement there is also Google Sky. Read the About page for a quick rundown of the features.

If you want even more software options, check out this gizmo’s freeware posts that outlines many more options: Best Free Astronomy Software

Claus V.

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