Saturday, January 11, 2014

NewsFox Update

I’ve moved on from using a browser-based Add-on extension for my RSS/ATOM feed reading.

Currently I am using Omea Reader as it best meets my power-feed reading and processing needs.

There are many-many more standalone client-based RSS feed readers for Windows as well and I keep my eye out on them just in case something better comes along.

On my iPhone I am now using Reeder 2 (Apple Store) having upgraded from the (still works nicely) original Reeder app for iOS. I like this one the best as I stubbornly use “standalone” feed readers rather than one of them many online/cloud-based feed reading service platforms. It works for me, though migrating my feeds from Reeder to Reeder 2 was less than easy.

Anyway…long introduction to say that the Firefox based RSS feed reading Add-on NewsFox has been updated again.

I still heavily follow the NewsFox development as it was IMHO the best Firefox based RSS feed reader out there, followed by Sage.

So if you are interested, here are some links regarding the latest updates for NewsFox:


Claus V.

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