Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Firefox 26 & Download Statusbar & Download Status Bar

I’m not running very many Firefox Add-ons.

One of the ones I enjoyed using the most -- Download Statusbar -- ceased working under Firefox 26.0 builds and it does not appear the developer is moving very fast to update it, at least based on the feedback in the review comments posted under the add-on’s page.


I tried managing with the stock download progress icon in my navigation toolbar since the 26.0 version update of Firefox dropped but found it really next to useless in monitoring the state of active downloads.

Today I found a worthy replacement that is supported under Firefox 26.0

It works fine and brings back all the core features I was looking for in a download management tool for Firefox. As an added option, you can configure it to work with a AV scanner it you would like. My AV solution automatically scans downloaded files but others might like this feature.

Here are the other Firefox Add-ons I’m running currently for the curious:

Finally, I run SpeedyFox Portable (via regularly to keep my Chrome(ium), Firefox, and Thunderbird databases optimized.


--Claus V.

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