Sunday, December 30, 2012

Windows 8 Linkage: A final 2012 Huzzah.

…for the record…no Valca Win systems have yet been upgraded to Windows 8.

I am still running it in a VM.  Lavie mentioned she was interested in picking up a new, sub-15” Windows laptop in the new year but isn’t impressed with Windows 8 or the Surface platform so she will continue to wait to see how things develop in the new year.

Win8 - Start Here - Get It

Win8 - Install It

Win8 - Under the Hood

Win8 - To Go

Win8 - Tweaks

Win8 - Deeper Insights

Metro Apps That Caught My Eye

Win8 - Usage Tips

Win8 - Miscellanea & Rumors

Windows 8 - GSD Previously Posted


--Claus V.

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