Saturday, August 04, 2012

Windows 8 Linkage: Product Name “Something or Another”


Umm…we’ll get back with you on that…

Glad I’m not the guy in charge of product branding and damage control over in Redmond at the moment!

If it wasn’t challenging enough trying to continue the positive spin on the forced Windows 8 Metro home page (?) interface, and convincing enterprises that this new GUI model will improve productivity and operational excellence with their employees over Windows XP/Window 7, now they have to do some major spin-control on the whole “it was really just a codename” for the Windows 8 look/feel.


Anyway…regardless…it’s time to clean out the Windows 8 link hopper and do a Grand Stream Dreams Windows 8 linkfest dump.

Please note references to the former Win8 interface have been struck through for amusement and accuracy.

Win8 - Start Here - Get It

Win8 - Related Products and Services

Win8 - Install It

Win8 - Under the Hood

Win8 - To Go

Win8 - Tweaks

Win8 - Deeper Insights

Win8 - DaRT

Win8 - Usage Tips

Win8 - Miscellanea, Rumors, & General Grumblings

Windows 8 - GSD Previously Posted


--Claus V.

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