Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Linkfest

The Mars lander has been a fantastic success this week and the brainz has been on NASA overload. Couple that with some Perseid watching out back with Alvis last night and things are super fun.

Here is a fresh linkage roundup this week.  I recommend a slice of Key-Lime pie with it.

New Microsoft videos and Miscellaneous presentations

Network Bits

Tool and Utility Roundup

Windows Live Essentials Updates

I was surprised to see news that Windows Essentials 2012 got some updating this week. The primary focus seems to be in Movie Maker and Photo Gallery. I thought most of it was to re-brand and distance from the “Live” naming, but there were some pretty big enhancements.

When I applied the Windows Essentials updater, I noted that many other Essentials apps also got an updating, including my fav Windows Writer. Unfortunately, trying to find a useful change-log for the updates is next to impossible, so your guess (at this time) is as good as mine as to what actually the upgrade enhances.

Introducing the New Windows Photo Gallery and Movie Maker_2012-08-07_20-28-51

The Web-Life

Just saying….

Security and Patching Watch



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