Sunday, December 30, 2012

Windows 8 Phone: Minor Linkage

Although I ended up going with an iOS platform after-all, I have been able to finally get my hands on a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows 8 Phone that a co-worker picked up -- at least for a few minutes.

Tellingly, he hasn’t ditched his secondary non-Win8 smartphone just yet, but did find a special deal that allowed him to pick up two units for the standard price of one; gift one and get one!

While I didn’t have an opportunity to really take it for a full test-track session, I was impressed with the 920’s screen brightness and resolution. Popping between screens/apps was super-fast. The unit had a nice heft and the feel in the hand was comfortable.

One thing was very clear to me; the Metro Windows 8 app style format really shines on the smartphone platform where it doesn’t impress me one bit on a more traditional desktop/laptop/Surface platform. That’s one thing that seems to set (for now) the Windows 8 Phone app eco-system apart from iOS and Android; style consistency across apps. As I’ve spent more and more time in the Apple App store, I’ve come to learn there are some app designers who work very, very hard to reflect a polished and “modern” UI style…and others look like crap despite how awesome the app might actually be. That holds true regardless if they are paid or free.  Props for good design work and attention to detail.

I may have previously posted this but Scott Hanselman over at Computer Zen recently posted the process by which he updated a Windows 7 Phone app of his to Windows 8.

Scott provides a great review of the process a Windows 8 Phone app designer needs to go through to make a quality product…even from a GUI design and layout angle.

I’m probably not looking hard enough, but I’ve not yet found any good treatises yet on designing and implementing an iOS app from a modern-ui standpoint consistent with other Apple UI’s.  Can anyone suggest any links on the subject or if Apple even has any “standards” in GUI design for current iOS levels?

In the meantime, here is a smattering of Windows 8 Phone linkage.

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--Claus V.

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FF Extension Guru said...

I have always felt the Window's 8 'Metro' environment belongs on a phone or tablet, not a standard PC. And no, I don't want to shell out mega bucks for a touchscreen monitor so Windows 8 will be more 'user friendly' on a PC.