Sunday, December 30, 2012

Claus’s iPhone App List

As promised, here is a listing, semi-categorized, of iOS iPhone apps I’m using on my iPhone 5.

All links will be to the iTunes App Store page unless otherwise noted. I’ve added a permanent link on the sidebar under “Claus’s Toolbox”.

I’m only listing Apps that I use (or plan to purchase relatively soon for use). There very well may be “better” apps of a similar function, but the point is these are the ones I am using. If you want to drop a comment on a recommendation of your own, that’s fine and if it is on-topic and something I would actually consider using, I might just approve it. If the comment seems like comment spam or is for an App that I’m not at all interested in for whatever reason, it probably won’t be added. This post isn’t to create a marketplace; it’s for me to self-reference and primarily be a way to recommend/share Apps with the few family and friends who have iPhone discussions with me.

A mini price-range key:

  • free = free. May or may not be ad-supported. That said, if it is ad-supported or pop-up in-app notifications to upgrade to a paid-version are too annoying or obtrusive, the app is deleted.
  • $ = $.99 to $2.99 range.
  • $$ = $3 to $7.99 range.
  • $$$ = $8 to $9.99 range
  • $$$$ = over $9.99

Note that when posted, some apps may be on a special pricing discount for holiday or promotions. I’ll try to keep an eye on things but it’s only a rough guide.

I’m not sure I have my categorizations really dialed in quite the way I want yet. Those may change.
I’ll eventually get around to adding very-short app descriptions.

“Default” apps that come installed/bundled with the iOS don’t get listed.

I have a few great Apps I won’t list for privacy reasons; banking/insurance/shipping/specific shopping/vendors, etc. Just because you don’t see those listed, doesn’t mean I don’t use them.

Finally, just because all these apps fit on and run on my iPhone 5 (64 GB), currently iOS 6.0.2, doesn’t mean they will all fit on your own iPhone.

Here’s the list.

Core Apps

Productivity/Organization Apps
Weather Apps
Text/Reading Apps
Networking/IT/SysAdmin Apps
Media Apps
Specialized Utilities
Hardware Support
These are the primary “hardware” items I use (or will be using) with my iPhone. Note: Price rating system suspended here. Do the research if you are curious.
  • Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Speaker - Christmas present from Lavie.
  • Jawbone (version 2) - (obtained back in 2008) - still running strong, though highly battered.
  • Jawbone ERA - I don’t have this unit yet but will almost certainly be purchasing it in the next few weeks. Since my original Jawbone unit is almost six years old, has survived numerous traumas and still works great, I’m pretty much sold on the quality and performance of this manufacturer rather than others out there. I’m mostly just upgrading to the ERA model since it can support Bluetooth syncing with two devices concurrently. That is a must -- having multiple phones on my person. I considered the ICON model as well but I’ve come accustomed to the version 2 size so there you go.
Previously Used Apps (free) Upgraded to Purchased Versions or Alternatives
These are apps that I previously had on my iPhone but later upgraded to purchased versions and/or removed to make way for another/different version of the same app function. They are still highly recommended.
Still pending purchase/installation - (sooner or later)

Hope you find this helpful.

--Claus V.

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