Saturday, December 08, 2012

GSD Linkfest: Updates, ForSec, and a whole lot more…

Let’s not waste any more time here. The clock is ticking…

Updates Galore



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For the SysAdmins


I’m a sucker for maps. Paper and digital kinds both. They are an art-form to themselves.

I’m particularly partial to the “watercolor” filter…


Ubuntu Talk

Congrats to Navy for their win in the Army Navy game. I was rooting for the Army Black Knights and their QB Trent Steelman and the sudden unfortunate turn of events during what was to be an amazing 2-minute drill conclusion and upset over Navy was heartbreaking. That said, I was warmed by the open emotion the QB displayed. There was much to be proud of all the way around in this game and it was as an exciting treat to watch.

Likewise congrats to the A&M Heisman Memorial Trophy Award winner from A&M Jonny Manziel. A lot of folks I know are cheering proudly at the moment. Congrats.


--Claus V.

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