Thursday, November 22, 2012

Windows 8 Linkage: Call me maybe?

So Windows 8 has been out for a short while now.

Some folks are buying it and upgrading. Others are buying new hardware and getting it along for the ride. Others (like me) are still on the fence. Windows 8 is having one of the most successful OS launches yet, or not. Things remain murky all the way ‘round.

Meanwhile Win8 just wants to be everyone’s new friend.

I’m just getting burned out on the same Win8 commercials everywhere I turn the channel.

Below please find collected for my future reference the latest round of Windows 8 information and tippage that I am storing away Spring when I will likely upgrade to Windows 8. Or not.

Win8 - Start Here - Get It

Win8 - Related Betas

Win8 - Install It

Win8 - Under the Hood

Win8 - To Go

Win8 - Tweaks

Win8 - Deeper Insights

Metro Apps That Caught My Eye

Win8 - Usage Tips

Win8 - Miscellanea & Rumors

Windows 8 - GSD Previously Posted


--Claus V.

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