Thursday, November 22, 2012

Windows 8 Phone: Linkage Round-up

Back in early October, I was beginning to consider the move into the “smart-phone” world with an upgrade to a Windows 8 Phone.

Accordingly I have been watching Windows 8 Phone news, reviews, and tips like a hawk.

Here is a linkfest update of new material since the last post on the subject.

General Discussion

Windows 8 Phone Apps

Usage Tips

Windows 8 Phone Videos

Nokia Lumia 920

HTC Windows Phone 8X

Samsung ATIV S

This is my biggest disappointment! I had hoped to have a lot more material here regarding the Samsung ATIV S phone that really caught my fancy. The design and features really impressed me and when I went into our mobile carrier’s area “corporate” store last week to look at the smart-phone choices and chat with the sales reps, they said they hadn’t heard much about it.

I really hadn’t expected it to be out until mid-December but was hoping for some more info.

Alas, information remains slim. And as of tonight, I still haven’t been able to confirm any pricing on our carrier’s network.

Going to the Dance

They did have section devoted to Windows 8 Phones out stocked with an HTC Win8 phone and some Nokia models.

Curiously, none were working and the staff didn’t seem to concerned. Some didn’t have any power at all. One was working but through an error message regarding the connection being “invalid” every time you flipped screens.

One was working, but the full experience was just thumbing through the basic apps. No live tiles were working and (again) the browser didn’t connect.

I was really shocked. As a fairly tech-savvy user shopping for a smart-phone, and showing interest in the Windows 8 Phone line offered, the entire experience was a major let-down. Rather than inspiring confidence in getting quality hands-on time with Microsoft Windows 8 Phone trying super-hard to crack the Apple iOS phone and Android grip, I was left disappointed and without confidence in the product and its offerings.

To be fair, that was probably not the fault of the Windows 8 Phone nor the HTC/Nokia products currently offered and more indicative of an official mobile carrier’s store and sales staff who seemed to be willing to treat the Win 8 Phone stock as an inconvenience. Different store and different staff and maybe things would be different.

However that was not the case and I was determined on walking out with a new smartphone.

And with that, I indeed did leave with a serious smartphone upgrade…and haven’t looked back since…

And to quote the sultry queen of bluegrass seduction Alison Krauss, I’ve got a New Favorite.

--Claus V.

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