Saturday, October 04, 2008

Windows 7 – Getting my feet wet…Cannonball style!

Just when I thought I was coming to terms with Vista, and before I have even received my ordered copy of either the 4th (XP) or to be released soon 5th (Vista) editions of Windows Internals books I have to give up the battle and turn my attention to the inevitable arrival of Windows 7.

Best Source of Windows 7 Info – Engineering Windows Blog

For the real and best technical-level information that Microsoft is releasing on Windows 7, it looks like there is one blog in particular to add to your RSS feed list:

Engineering Windows 7

Take a look at these recent posts and see if you don’t agree.

Lots o’ good stuff there.

Next-Best Source of Windows 7 Info – Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite

Paul Thurrott snuck in a great presentation to the Boston Area Windows Server User Group regarding Windows 7. 

It’s a must see link: Shipping Seven: An Ongoing Dialog About the Next Windows, Part 4: Pre-PDC Presentation.  Great PowerPoint slides with great details and images.

Related posts of Windows 7 note from Paul are:


Mary-Jo Foley has a great post on how Windows 7 to get parallel-processing tweaks.  It isn’t too technical and gives some great teases on to why this might be what peopled wanted for Vista but wasn’t delivered upon.

Wish I could attend the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference.  I’d love to get my hands on one of the Windows 7 builds being handed out on a 160 GB hard drive.  Hopefully that’s not going to be the method of final release to consumers (wink).  Though it looks to be a lot like a major/minor progression of Vista, I’d love to play around with it anyway.  Hopefully as it gets closer to a public-beta release, we will see some builds being offered on the TechNet beta channels as Microsoft did for Vista.

Mark Russinovich Springboard series: Performance evolution “Windows Vista SP1 to Windows 7″ – Video from the guru of Microsoft internals also touches on Windows 7.  Related: TechNet Edge interview with Mark Russinovich also touches on some Windows 7’ish things.

Other sites that may or may-not have accurate and useful information on Windows 7 include:

Now what did I do with that beach-towel?


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