Saturday, October 04, 2008

Warning! The lid is about to come off the GSD jar!


Wow!  I’ve actually got Saturday and Sunday “off” for the first time in what seems like a month. I slept in until 7:30 AM this morning.  I felt wonderfully Bohemian and much less like a princeps for a change.

Technically I am still “on-call” but on this glorious weekend I finally have the opportunity to go crazy on the backlog of personal and family items needing attention.

I haven’t spent any time in our yard since the hurricane hit except to take the trash out to the bins.  So I’ve got a bit of yard-work to do.  It’s been cool (mid-80’s) and non-so-humid of late so I am looking forward to getting out.

The carpets need a good vacuuming and the hard-floors need some scrubbing.  And then there is that pile of suitcases, bags, and other rubble that is the uncomfortable evidence of our return from exile.  That has to go away this weekend.

Also, I’ve got a bucket-load of links that I have been diligently collecting for post-fodder.

When I finally got our main desktop system out of the survival bunker I stowed it in before leaving town I ran a RSS feed check and found I had 872 feeds to sort through.  Many were over-laps from ones I had found on my work system, but as I keep moderately different feed lists at home and work I still had to review them again. Not the largest amount of pending feeds I’ve had to confront, but with the lack of time due to work, still challenging to think about.

Right now there are a total of 128 individual links I’ve found worthy enough of sharing and/or commenting on.  I think I will be able to cull that down just a bit.  But first I have to sort, categorize, and plan out how I’m going to deliver them.  It’s probably a bit like a composer feels facing a new opus.

To top things off, since I have transitioned back to our desktop from the family laptop for blogging (nothing beats dual monitors…well, maybe a triptych of monitors) I’ve run into some “naughty behavior” on our desktop system; the hard-drive went through a period of lockups, I had to rebuild my Firefox profiles from near-scratch, as well as update quite a few utilities and software that had moved on while I was standing still….that sort of thing.  Most of those events also will generate some posts of their own.

And then there are those videos that are sitting on my mantle waiting to be watched…I want to get one in this weekend as well.  Since Comcast has still not fixed our area’s digital HDTV signal delivery (analogue cable signal only…luckily the broadband is working as well) I don’t feel the temptation to watch TV at all right now.

I made a commitment to my girls that I will be front-and-present here at the house with them, so I can’t park my “sittin’ muscle” in front of the computer all weekend long and just hammer away at the keys….but if all goes productively well, expect to see a slew of posts spilling forth before the weekend is out.

After all, as Lavie knows, bloggin’ is cheap therapy!


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