Saturday, October 18, 2008

Microsoft Link Dump; Load #3


CC Photo Credit: by Choctopus on Flickr

That’s not just any pile of big steaming dirt Claus is delivering to your browser today;

---it’s guar-un-teed Microsoft quality link-dump!

Internet Explorer 8 Chunks

  • IEBlog : Slipstreaming IE8 – Details on how IE8 can be slipstreamed into Vista and Server 2008 ImageX WIM image file builds.  It’s pretty clever stuff and very cool for ImageX fans.
  • IEBlog : The IE8 IEAK – Get ready to deploy customized packages of IE8 and manage the post-deployment settings and elements.  Neat stuff if you are going to plan for a controlled release and deployment of IE8 rather than just letting Automatic Updates or the end-users do your upgrading for you.
  • IEBlog : IE8 Tab Grouping – IE8 gets color tab grouping.  Lots of neat technical and implementation details on this new IE feature for IE8.
  • The IE8 Smart Address Bar Part II: A Few More Features – Now MS goes and explains just how their own version of Firefox’s “Awesome bar” is expected to work.  Do we really need all these features in the address bar? I guess developers across platforms feel we do.
  • What’s New for IE8 Search – Good overview of features that Firefox delivered to it’s own browser quite a bit ago.  Does Microsoft’s version deliver any improvements or innovations? You be the judge.

Organic Filler Material

The “Botanicals” of Compost

Compost handling tip: Spread Evenly

Now sit back and watch those flowers bloom outside your Windows…

Looks pretty doesn’t it.  Don’t mind the smell!


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