Saturday, October 04, 2008

Opera 9.6 – RC2 Released

I had planned inclusion of a link to the march towards Opera 9.6 but with the backlog of links, every time I turned around there was a new version released:

9.6 approaching – Opera Desktop Team blog

Opera 9.6 RC 1– Opera Desktop Team blog

Now, today I found that Opera 9.6 RC1 is available for download.

Opera 9.6 RC 2– Opera Desktop Team blog

So I did.

Yes, I love Firefox most of all.  Chrome (or Chromium) isn’t bad and is easy on the eyes. There are a number of other Windows-based web-browser as well, but if Firefox up and vanished from existence I would switch to Opera as my browser of choice.

Now you also know.


1 comment:

Nathaniel said...

Firefox? Disappear? Ha!
Hmmmm... I think if it did, though, I'd probably use Opera and a Webkit browser (Chrome or Safari, probably).

Oh, and Shiretoko... what I can't wait to get, since playing with it in Chrome, is page/tab tearing... I hear it cometh in 3.1, so bring it on!