Saturday, July 01, 2006

Things to See

I have always loved artwork.

One of my favorite classes in college was my history of art class. I can spend hours in our Houston Museum of Fine Arts building just sitting and taking in the beauty. Once in a while I may take off early from work (or take an extended lunch) and just go there to decompress.

Some things to see I have come across this week on the web:

Sushicam's Picture of the Day: A new view of life in Japan, daily. Wow. One of my daily stops around the world.

Japanese artist Kenichi Hoshine living in New York He brings a sparse yet powerful style to his paintings.

The RIJKSMUSEUM A rich and extensive collection in the Netherlands containing Dutch masters, Rembrandts and other period pieces, in high resolution images. Now the docent's can't tell you to back off! (Yes--I had that happen to me once at an Ansel Adams exhibit.)

Artist Charles Reid paints light and airy watercolors. See his works over at Stremmel Gallery and The Munson Gallery,

Lost Films, Yes, you know you've done it. Taken some pictures with your film camera and either left the roll in there for years or took it out and never had it developed. This web-citizen collects old cameras and has developed some of the film he has found left in them. It is a haunting look back in time and a fascinating look at older cameras as well.

Just plain bad (in a funny way). 23<Kitty> I can't read Japanese so I don't know for sure what this blog's title is. Anyway, this post has a large number of disturbing pictures. Some of which I was able to share with Alvis--some I didn't dare!

Speaking of are some crazy cat pictures--like we don't have enough on the web already. Catsize Entertainment


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