Monday, July 10, 2006


I have a confession to make.

I've been Jones'ing out on the final episode of GITS: 2nd GIG. I've re-watched it, like, 10-15 times in the past month.

And each time I cry like a baby. Like I cry for "50 First Dates." Well, maybe not quite the same way.

I won't spill too much of the plot-ending, but those darn Tachikoma's are at it again. Sacrificing themselves for their team members and humanity in general.

Near the end of GITS: Stand Alone Complex first season, the three remaining Tachikomas sacrificed themselves in battle to protect the Motoko and Batou. It was heart wrenching.

Then they all go and do it again--with flair and style.

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And finally, Yotsuba& Tachikoma. It's so Kawaii!!!!


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