Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bug Eyed Claus


It's 2'ish in the morning.

I've just gotten done dealing with a major switch-over on my system to a new software-based firewall.

I think I'm OK.

Nothing has crashed and all my apps (so far) seem to be working fine and getting to the Net with out issues.

I'll post more tomorrow when I wake up (and if Lavie lets me near the pc after staying up this late).

For now, let me leave you with a teaser....

My router does a wiz-bang job of handling my inbound firewall protection needs. I thought Zone Alarm (free) was doing a wiz-bang job of handling my out-bound (leak) firewall needs. Turned out it wasn't. Took me three firewall apps worth of testing, but I think I may have a winner--and why it may not be a good choice for the average user.

Tell you about it when my brain clock resets with some sleep.


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