Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oh Those Otaku!

"Otaku" is a term for fans obsessed (in varying degrees) with anime and manga. Otaku can be males or females. I proudly consider myself an Otaku. Otaku - Wikipedia (though not an extreme fan like those poor Kimiko Nanasawa recently faced....)

A recent study in Japan of Japanese otaku found five types of otaku:

Type 1: The family-oriented otaku. (Place me here!)

Type 2: The "leaving my own mark on the world" otaku.

Type 3: The media-sensitive multiple interest otaku.

Type 4: The outgoing and assertive otaku.

Type 5: The fan magazine-obsessed otaku.

I would wonder how well these categories translate to those otaku here in the States.

Otaku odds and ends...

Moe - Wikipedia - relates to fans and anime characters.

Meganekko - Wikipedia - eyeglass wearing girls in anime and manga. (For more on how eyeglass wearing is seen as an attractive characteristic in Japan--see Mari's fascinating diary post Eyeglasses fetish

The ultimate otaku story? That may well be Densha Otoko (Train Man). A possibly true story of a Japanese otaku who stands up and defends a beautiful passenger on a commuter train who is being harassed by a drunkard. Ultimately they begin dating, dispite his "geekiness" and her almost unapproachable beauty.


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