Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hitler's Ghost and a Deep Hole

The other day when trolling the web for American propaganda posters from World War II, I came across this:

What History Doesn't Tell You: The Unknown Stories of WWII

A satiric look at the "truth" behind some propaganda posters...or not.

Damn Interesting >> The Deepest Hole The Kola Superdeep Borehole was Russia's attempt (begun in 1962) to deep drill a hole through the earth's upper crust to the layer where the upper-mantle region meets it. In 1994 they finally gave up at a depth of approximately 7.5 miles, but only because the rock became too soft for the hole to remain intact when they had to pull the drill.

It is a fascinating article on an obscure "science race" the Russian scientists and Americans pitted each other against. Some of the scientific findings are amazing to consider. Even today a new project The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program seeks to try again--in a new location.

Isn't history fun?

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