Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sickly Saturday

Lavie's been sick since Wednesday.

It looks like she has a stomach-virus. She's taking some trans-dermal phenegan, and I just made another run to the grocery store for ice-pops, Capri-Sun, Jello, etc. She has to get feeling better because I'm planning on making blueberry muffins (from a box...) for tomorrow morning.

What's even worse is that she hasn't been able to take any of her regular meds. for several days since she is afraid of loosing them. She really needs them to help manage her fibromyalgia. Not only is she sick and weak, she is also deeply sore and miserable on top of the viral aches and pains.

I'm saving up a big rant posting on that thing called (tentatively) "Fibromyalgia Sucks".

So today it is just more bed-rest for Lavie and Claus's spousal tenderness and nursing.

In between bed-care, I plan on sitting down with Alvis at her pc and picking out a new Linux distro to put on her pc.

She is using a very old version of SimplyMEPIS but all attempts at getting it to recognize her iPod Shuffle have failed.

I am going to try the latest Ubuntu-based version of SimplyMEPIS (v6.0) along with SLAX and PCLinuxOS (kid-version).

I'll give you some links and screen shots and results later today.

Oh yeah, I have a little "Last Exile" image download project I'm working on as well. I ended up snagging 6 new Firefox extensions. I'll detail those out later as well.

Hope to see you in clearing skies,

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