Sunday, July 06, 2008

Rapid-Fire Linkpost #2 – New Finds and Updated Favs.

Now boarding…new and improved software/freeware finds!

Hot diggity-dog!

SocketSniff - Windows Sockets (WinSock) Sniffer - freeware – Nirsoft tool that “…allows you to watch the Windows Sockets (WinSock) activity of the selected process.   For each created socket, the following information is displayed: socket handle, socket type, local and remote addresses, local and remote ports, total number of send/receive bytes, and more. You can also watch the content of each send or receive call, in Ascii mode or as Hex Dump.”

Seems like a useful think to keep handy, you sysadmins.

Wireshark 1.0.1 – freeware – Available in both Installer and “Portable” versions. For a complete list of changes, please refer to the 1.0.1 release notes.  Mostly bug fixes, some minor new features, and updated protocol support.  If you use this (and all sysadmins should) you might want to go update your version.

Windows Incident Response: Process-to-port Mapping – not software – Nice post by Harlan on process-to-port mapping considerations.  Consider also the Nirsoft Freeware CurrPorts. For more possible tools with these feature, see these older posts: New Network Utility Freeware Finds and Free Network Utility Nuggets. Both from Grand Stream Dreams blog.

Flexense – FlexTk “Express” File Management Toolkit – freeware – advanced file management “toolkit” allows some handy utility work on your files and folders, as well as analysis of all the stuff you’ve got crammed in there.  Spotted on post FlexTK Makes File Management Easy - Download Squad. Other advanced builds are for $.

USB Image Tool – freeware – Alex’s coding playground. Nice simple to use tool allows you to create and restore an “image” of any USB storage device you can get your Windows system to recognize and mount. Sure there are other ways to do that, but this is a very clever “all-in-one” solution. Requires .NET 2.0.  Might be useful for sysadmins and others who have several packages of USB tool collections but want to shuffle through them on their dinky USB stick with insufficient space to keep everything.  Spotted on post Backup your flash drives with USB Image Tool - Download Squad.

Spybot-S&D 1.6, RC1 released.  Oops too slow!

Spybot-S&D 1.6, RC2 released.  Brings with it ability to now scan Firefox 3.0 and Opera 9.5 data stores. (I read in the comments that Firefox 3 must not be running, however, before scanning.)

Related: Announcing another new 1.6 feature: OpenSBI - Safer Networking Forums

At the moment the Spybot forums are down.  Links should open up in a while again for the curious.

Also all versions (including RC’s) are now available for speedy download via for frequent traveler’s.

No bag-search required and all oversize baggage fees have been waived for your satisfaction.


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