Sunday, July 06, 2008

Rapid-Fire Linkpost #1 – Mostly Firefox

Got to make one last push on the link pile

Alvis has been gone on an out-of-state church-camp for the past week.

Lavie and I have been miserable.

She is due back in the next few hours so I have a range of things still do to.

More on Mozilla Weave.

Weave is basically Mozilla’s answer to provide unified “web-cloud based” synchronization of key Firefox components; history, bookmarks, cookies, and maybe even extension Add-ons.

Looks to be some neat stuff when released in the final form.

Here are some great other-blog posts on the details and progress so far.

Screenshot Tour: Mozilla Weave Synchronizes Your Browsing Experience – Lifehacker

Firefox Weave 0.2: Sync Bookmarks, Tabs, History, Passwords, and More – CyberNet News

First look: Mozilla Weave 0.2 puts Firefox in the cloud – ARS Technica

I haven’t had the time yet to get a test-system configured to give it a whirl.  As soon as I do you can count on a post!

Removing bad about:config entries

If you have spent any time around this blog, you will know that from time to time I make recommendations of certain Firefox tweaks via the about:config settings.

What happens when you make a custom entry that you regret?  How to you remove it?

In Firefox 3.0 it’s simple:

In about:config, right click on the mistyped value and choose "Reset." Then, restart Firefox. The value will be deleted. Simple!

There you go!

NewsFox Next release

NewsFox – via Firefox Add-ons – is in my mind, simply the best RSS feed reader for Firefox integration there is.


New beta version has been released: NewsFox 1.0.2b3

This is clearly a beta version, so use only if you must be on the cutting edge.  I have and the only issue with NewsFox 1.0.2b2 that I found was that the feeds didn’t auto-update upon NewsFox launch even though that is how the preference was set. Worked fine once I manually kicked off the feed check.

If you want a stable version, get it via the Add-ons page at the first link.

Now a word from Opera

Opera is got to be the fastest, slickest, sexiest web browser out there for Windows. Even over Firefox.

Late last week the Opera Desktop Team announced that they have released the final version of Opera 9.51.

It’s very nice.

(Opera 9.51 for Windows Changelog)

No, I’m not giving up Firefox…but I do reach for this when I need a rocket-fast web-surfing session for specific tasks (checking radar, looking up an unplanned Google search, etc.).

Good stuff!


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