Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Odd's and Ends

Just some potentially useful linkage from this week.  Doesn't really fall anywhere in particular.

IKEA Instructions - IKEAFANS - Lost your IKEA product construction booklet? Look no further!  Spotted via Lifehacker.

Colorful Animation Expressions: Color in 101 Dalmatians: an introduction and Color in 101 Dalmatians: 1. Home Sweet Home - Oswald Iten is taking a graphic artist's look at the production design and decisions on one of my most beloved Disney "Classic" films.  Expect followup posts. This looks to provide a really fascinating examination of color, staging and animation design. Spotted via Drawn!

Your laptop is lying to you - Dan's Data. How battery life and signal strength are just relative now-days and may not actually be as helpful as you wish.  Sure puts the whole AT&T: More Bars in More Places' campaign in a new light....

Google LatLong: New, blue, and better than ever - Google Maps got some micro-format updates this week.  Kinda like looking for Waldo to find them: Google Maps Cleans Up Its Act, and Google Maps Redesign Rolled Out.

Tweak: Fx 3 Address Bar - Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog and Understanding & Tweaking the Firefox 3 Address Bar - CyberNet News.  - Great tips and tweaks on taming the newest features in Firefox 3's quirky address bar.  What you don't know might indeed make you less effective.


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