Thursday, July 24, 2008

Removing Apple’s MobileMe from Control Panel

Recently, Apple decided to start pushing its MobileMe that basically works as a sync service between your Mac, PC iPhone and/or iPod touch.

While the Valca homestead is filled with iPods, we have not an iPhone or any need for the MobileMe service.

So it was with mingled surprise and chagrin that I read Dwight Silverman’s post TechBlog: Guess who’s coming to dinner, Windows users? MobileMe!

Seems that when Windows users update and/or fresh-install Apple Quicktime and/or iTunes, they also get the MobileMe Preferences icon showing up in the Control Panel.

Launching it provides a method to sign in (for current members) or to “Learn More…”

I had been attempting to upgrade my XP Home's iTunes software to the latest version using the internal updater, but it kept failing. So I downloaded the full installer from Apple and ran the setup (v7.7.0.43). Lo and behold, when I got done, there was MobileMe icon in my Control Panel as well.

Nice ad placement there Apple.  Not.

Simply Icky.  No thanks.

So my thoughts turned to how to remove it from my system.  Alas, there is no .CPL file for it that could simply be deleted.

I considered a number of approaches.  First I could run one of many system change detectors and then carefully try to review the installs and pick out where it appeared from:

I could fire up Process Monitor and Process Explorer then launch the Control Panel item to see what kicked it off.

Instead I thought I would try the easy way first.

Removing “MobileMe Preferences” from XP Systems

I went to "Start" -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs.

Near the top I located "Apple Mobile Device Support" and clicked "Remove". I ran the uninstaller.

When done I checked Control Panel and the MobleMe Preferences icon was gone as was the application from within the Apple Program Files folder on my system. Easy.

Didn't seem to hurt my iTunes at all.

Removing “MobileMe Preferences” from Vista Systems

To remove from Vista try this technique: Removing Apple Mobile Device Support - Tales from the Crypto blog:

...quite by chance, I found out how to remove Apple Mobile Device Support from Windows Vista.

Instead of clicking "Uninstall", click "Change". You're given the option to "Repair" or "Remove".

Click "Remove".

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, this appears to take you through a completely different uninstall procedure, which actually results in the removal of the Apple Mobile Device Support.

Also: Bits from Bill: Do I need Apple Mobile Device Service?

More Odd’s and Ends on the Windows Control Panel

Found these very helpful links while pre-researching this issue.




RGBeauchemin said...

I was forced to reinstall iTunes

Anonymous said...

@ RGBeauchemin - Yeah. That bites doesn't it?!!

As a Windows user who has drank 1/4 of the Apple kool-aide offered at the table, I'm pretty miffed lately as well.

It's not likely that we will be getting any Apple systems in our home in the near future (mostly a $ issue).

However, I still envy the style and detail Apple places into their systems. That's probably why we have (at last count) six iPod devices amongst the three of us.

So it really burns when Apple programmers deploy a "feature" to our Windows systems without an opt-out option, and then make it such a issue to remove.


Claus V.