Thursday, July 17, 2008

Controlling Java-Scripts in Opera

I really like the Opera browser.

It is very fast and very pretty.

I also like the Firefox web browser and it remains my daily web-browser of choice. I’m not ready yet to give up the slew of Firefox Extensions that I have come to lean on.

Greatest of which is the NoScript extension Add-on that protects my web-surfing from malicious or bothersome web-scripts as I browse the net.

Opera does have the ability to control scripting and Java/JavaScript settings on a per-site basis (allow/disallow) but it doesn’t seem to have the granularity control of the NoScript Add-on for Firefox to control third-party scripting on a particular web-page; to block some but not all.

While fiddling around with this and looking for a “widget-based” solution I did find some posts that might be able to approximate the control of NoScript in Opera.  It’s not the same, but comes very close.

Firefox’ NoScript for Opera (or all browsers) -

Andrew’s Security Filter(s) v5.57 (July 8, 2008)

The way it works is that you first set up your system to use Proxomitron which is a free and small local HTTP web-filtering proxy.


Next download and import Andrew’s Security Filter(s) into it as he outlines.

It’s not a perfect solution, but is a very interesting approach he has come up with using Proxomitron to work around the issue.

Thought a few Opera fans might be interested....

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