Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Network Utility Freeware Finds

Last night as I was winding down, I chased a few "web-wabbits" and ended up finding a few more nice little freeware network tools.

For the foundational list see the ones listed in this extensive post: Grand Stream Dreams: Free Network Utility Nuggets.  Twenty-six network applications are listed there. Yummy-good!

Newly found

  • Network Digger - (freeware) - Windows based packet sniffer and network analyzer.  I liked the approachable tree-based GUI it uses.  I haven't spent much time with it yet to fully get into the details. But it looks interesting.

  • Erwan's Lab - IP Sniffer - Amazing number of tools and utilities built into this 12 MB or so package. Bandwidth monitor, adapter stats, wireless stumbler, ARP management, routes and ports manager, MAC address changer, Spoofer, DNS tools, Whois, TCP tools, UDP tools, ICMP tools, MS network tools, Password tools,process and file manager, and a whole lot more.

Old Favorites

  • PacketMon (freeware) - AnalogX IP packet capture tool. Supports export of data and filtering.

  • SmartSniff (freeware) - NirSoft packet sniffer. Raw Sockets (natively) and IP capture if WinPCap is installed on the host.

  • Net Tools - 2008 - (freeware) - Requires .NET.  This utility contains over 175 network and system utilities all rolled up into one.  It bundles network scanning, security, file tools, system tools, and administrator tools.  Configure to your heart's content.

  • Wireshark v 1.0 - It's all good.  Available in builds for OS X, Linux, and Windows (and USB portable) systems. All free. A premier packet tool.

  • EtherSnoop Light (freeware) - ArechiSoft network sniffer with filtering support. Cool and fun.



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