Sunday, May 04, 2008

Blogger Bits

Google and Blogger have been pretty quiet of late.  Not much happening.

Two recent announcements did catch my eye:

Now Blogger makes it possible to set a future post-date, and Blogger will honor that date and post only when that date comes around.  I've contemplated this as a blogging technique.

Generally my blogging habit consists of collecting material, links, and ideas during the work-week, and then on the weekend, releasing a torrent of posts.  Then this blog is dry again until the posts rain down again the following weekend.

I might have to see if this makes for a more consistent post release and blog experience for me an the GSD fans.

I've used Google Analytics for some time to keep an eye on this blog.  I'm not a SEO centrist or anything. No ads and no ad-revenue here.  I do find it fun to look at what posts are popular and where the link-back traffic is coming from.  I've found quite a few fun and informative sites this way.

Google Analytics is pretty awesome and has some real hard-core statistical reports. But for the average Joe blogger, it's a ton of overkill.

Looking at the new interfaces proposed for the Google Analytics for Blogger shows a promising tool for Blogger bloggers.  A nice and simple interface, Clear statistics, Popular Posts lined up.

I can't wait until it is released to a wider audience.  Right now it remains in "private-beta" status and there isn't any way I can find to request to join the test group.



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