Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Windows Updates Updater Updated

Sorry about that post title...I just couldn't help myself.

On the heels of my recent post Microsoft 100% CPU usage and svchost.exe Microsoft seems to have just released its Windows Update Agent to a newer version today.

I had already manually "pre-updated" my XP SP2 Home system shortly after making that post. However, knowing that the planned "official" release was scheduled for today decided to see if it had actually been let of of the gates.

From my XP SP2 Pro system at work, I ran a manual Windows Updates session.

Sure enough, instead of my usual "Express/Custom" selection choices, I was presented with a notice that a new version was available and needed to be installed. I agreed and it quickly downloaded and installed the components.

After a reboot, I also found I needed to update the ActiveX control that Windows Updates used.

I did a Custom scan and didn't find any updates.

Later that day I spied the following post:

WSUS Product Team Blog : Latest MSI.dll fix (927891) also available to WU/WSUS today

So I went back and re-ran the updates and sure enough...now it was offering patch 927891 as a High Priority update. So I went ahead and installed that patch as well.

Another reboot and all is well.

Curiously, when I tried these steps on my XP SP2 Home system (that I had already patched) it didn't offer me any WUA updates since I had already updated it, but it did re-offer and install the KB927891 patch again. Very curious...newer version maybe?

Note, although I can't find any specifics just yet, I am assuming that the WUA update applies to all (supported) Microsoft OS systems. The KB927891 patch only applies to XP SP2 systems.

So go (unless you have already set your system to Automatically Update) and run a Windows Update check.

Officially Update your Updater then go get that out-of-patch-release-cycle (XP SP2) High Priority Update.


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