Sunday, May 06, 2007

More Vista Tips, Hacks and Tutorials

Obviously I've been busy these last couple of weeks tracking down (to me) some useful or interesting Microsoft Vista technical links and tips.

Here is the last batch of links I have for now.

Read at your own risk of geekiness.

Vista's DWM

64-bit Vista Disk Cleanup shortcut fix

"Hidden" Vista Screensaver Tweaks and Hacks

Connected to Vista Bookmarks

Vista 4 Beginners

Wonderful Vista Tip site with great, easy-to-understand tutorial and tips: Windows Vista™ for beginners | Windows Vista™ made easy. I've got it added to my RSS feed list!

Take a sample of these useful tutorials from their website

Vista Security Resources

...provides recommendations and tools to further harden Windows Vista. Use the GPOAccelerator tool in this Solution Accelerator to efficiently establish the Enterprise Client (EC) environment or the Specialized Security – Limited Functionality (SSLF) environment.

Microsoft Vista TechNet Center

Vista Networking

Vista Application Compatibility Resources

I haven't encountered many applications so far that wouldn't run on Vista.

That said, every time I install a new application on our Vista machine, I run Process Explorer so I can keep an eye on its memory and CPU utilization rates for a while. I did have one program (still beta) that ate up my CPU cycles, but overall have been pleased with the application compatibility I have found porting my XP tools, applications and utilities over to the Vista machine.

You've been informed.


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