Thursday, May 31, 2007

5 Swivel Feeds for Kent Newsome

All around fascinating guy and thoughtful blogger Kent Newsome recently began the swivel feeds experiment in which he requests select bloggers to feed him five new web reading recommendations to expand his horizons.

I stand deeply flattered as he included me amongst the other A-List bloggers listed in his Swivel Feeds, Group 2.

The pressure is on!

Well, Kent...I appreciate you supportive words and hope I don't disappoint. Let's see if any of these might expand your Web reading vistas just a touch.


"Architectural Conjecture :: Urban Speculation :: Landscape Futures"

With a tag-line like that who can miss?

If this were a world of second-wishes, I wish I could go back to college on a free-ride pass and switch my major from sociology to architecture. Only now do I have the wisdom to see and understand the coolness of blending design, art, science, and technology in a canvas than humans can live life within and without. BLDGBLOG fuses historical/futurism, perspectives of our human footprint on the earth, and a freshness that can't be missed. I may not be a builder of spaces, but the posts at least help me see how spaces are building me.

Selected sample Post: The Undiscovered Bedrooms of Manhattan

Natalie Goes to Japan

"40 year old very married blonde woman having a midlife crisis who heads to Japan alone to follow her dreams. Be careful what you wish for ... you just may get it."

Why do I like Natalie?

Besides the fact she is a great and honest blogger, the most important reason I must check her blog is the fact that she provides such a fascinating perspective on life lived immersed in another culture. She is teaching English to Japanese students of all ages, but in her spare time posts fantastically reflective content regarding the real-life people of Japan and the world they live in. Not the fantasy "anime/manga" world of Japan, not the technology-embracing world of Japan, not the kooky-crazy pop-culture of Japan. The Japan who are neighbors, and friends and students, and just normal people like us...differently the same.


Selected sample post: The Bride Looked Beautiful

Word Wise

"Writing tips for public relations professionals – and for people everywhere, by Dan Santow"

Speak clearly and carry a big dictionary.

True confession; I only took the SAT test once in high school. I did so well, I got an (almost) full scholarship to the University of Houston. My verbal score seemed quite outstanding and confirmed my enjoyment for writing...although I did better in creative writing class than English. I spend a good part of my workweek doing technical writing. And another good part of my weekends writing for fun. So I am keenly aware of the need to express myself clearly. Word Wise blog provides me a positive encouragement and reminder to practice making better and clearer choices in my communications.

I'll never be too old to not go learn me some better grammar.

Selected sample post: AND I AM TELLING U

zen habits

"Achieving Goals and Simple Productivity through Daily Habits"

Ts'ai Ken T'an "Water which is too pure has no fish."

Effective daily living is a challenge to me. Work and family must be invested in daily with my whole being. That leaves the rest of the world for me to worry and learn about in between heartbeats. I never feel like I have enough time to accomplish everything I want to do, its very frustrating sometimes when I realize I only have a lifetime to accomplish those goals. That's not ever going to be long enough. Site blogger Leo provides some great and quickly digestible tips on daily living; ways to maximize your body, mind and soul. They are great encouragements. No chanting masters here, just hints for practical living.

Maybe I do need to go dump some diversions in my life to attract the koi.

Selected sample post: How I Became an Early Riser

opacity [Urban Ruins]

Abandoned Photography and Urban Exploration

...we all fall down.

Children's book author and illustrator David Macaulay poisoned my mind long ago as a child with his book Motel of the Mysteries. I was forced to accept the possibility that the world around me was not static but ever changing and that one day, my safe environment might one day be the next Angkor Wat, overgrown and crumbling with future explorers attempting to make sense of the ruins. Besides the photography and compositions, this website (though not really a blog) documents the beauty of decay in a world rushing ever faster towards newness and the future.

It inspires me to appreciate every moment and those who build them.

Selected sample post: Château de Noisy (Miranda)

Hope I didn't disappoint you, Kent!

Have fun exploring.


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