Friday, August 18, 2006

Would I like?

When I tried to log into my Blogger account this morning it refused to accept my login credentials.

I use hyper-strong passwords on all my web accounts. You know up to 64 character, randomly generated stuff. To keep them all managed because there is no way in Hades that I can remember them all, I use KeePass to manage my passwords. So I knew that it wasn't a password issue. The login bar at the top for Blogger has a request to log in with either your Blogger credentials or Google credentials, so I tried my Google info. Surprise! It took. I was then offered the chance to switch to the new Blogger (Beta) service. I'm brave (even though it worryingly tells you clearly that you can't switch back). So I entered my Blogger credentials as requested and....rejected.

It wasn't clear to me exactly why, but I suspect it was because I also have accounts enabled for Alvis and Lavie to post to my blog under their own identities--something called "Team" blogging. Oh dear.

Of all the features that the new Blogger (Beta) service is hyping, the one that I am most looking forward to is the ability to set categories to the posts from within Blogger. There are some third-party services that do the same thing, but I would prefer to have it native to Blogger.

I must wait.

I'm still using the Windows Live Writer (beta) application and really enjoying it. I can't say that it has improved my blogging beyond using my Firefox Performancing extension, but I do like the interface and I haven't had any posting issues yet (well, besides not posting pics directly). I just really wish they would allow the spell-check to work "in-line" as I type instead of having to run on demand. I also would like to see them add the ability to re-apply font coloring by clicking the button once. As it is right now, you have to click the font-color button, select the font color from a pop-up window, then select ok. If you do a bit of specialized font color formatting like I do, it would be better to just click the toolbar button and have it provide a drop-down color slate (like Bloggers WYSIWYG post editor) or if you click it twice, it will apply the last-used color instantly.

Paul Stamatiou gives it a well written review here.

I suggested LiquidIcon XP be added to the Portable Freeware collection. I pull a lot of my utilities and suggestions from this site. I've been wanting to contribute and give something back for all I get. Portable Freeware liked my suggestion and added it. Woot!

Miscellaneous Landings:

Periodic Table (freeware) - provides detailed info on elements, images, electron shell pictures, atomic diagrams, historical info. Really cool and nice application. Alvis is really looking forward to using this with her science homework.

I've posted before about the tiny house concept. I really find this whole thing fascinating. Now comes a new design: m-ch: micro compact home. It's kinda cute, but probably not really conducive for daily/family living.

Anti-spyware/malware killer Spybot - Search and Destroy now comes in "SB-S&D - Windows Mobile" flavor. I don't use Windows Mobile, but it is nice to see their product line expanding.

Windows Folder Customizations:

I've recently blogged about customizing your Windows folders (and the pains that can go with it). I'm using the PlacesBar Editor on my home pc and Lavie's laptop and am really digging it. It is dead-useful to a power-user like myself. However, I still find customizing the folder icons to be a little tedious. Enter the freeware application Folder Marker. With this freeware application for Windows, you can quickly apply colors to your folder icons, select up to 10 custom icons to apply to folders, and apply categories and sub-menus to your folder icon choices. My only word of advice is to be sure when you are picking custom user icons for your folders, to use icons that have folders as part of the image. Otherwise you might mistake the folder for a file.

I was able to finally get Avis's iPod Shuffle to work on her Linux machine. I used and ended up finding the right iPod device USB libraries so Linux would pick it up when plugged in. It is using gtkpod and I also had to install WMMX for the song-playback. Alvis is happy as a clam as she can do her homework, surf the web, and listen to her iPod from her Linux box all the while doing her homework! More helpful info: Using an iPod in Linux, and iPod Exodus: Mac to Linux.

Art Stuff:

Alvis is in the 7th grade, but her art-teacher placed her into his 8th grade advanced art class. She is very excited about this "upgrade." I'm not aware of any other 7th graders in the 8th grade art classes.

Artist and illustrator Gez Fry's website is very cool. He has some incredible artwork in his gallery.

Cute Cosplay:

I'm not really into cosplay (the act of making and wearing a costume like your favorite anime/manga character). However the work some of these fans do is really spectacular. One recent anime series is "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya."

Kirinon has posted some MOST EXCELLENT photos of a cute cosplayer in a Haruhi costume. She is too cute and the costume is very well done. As soon as I get done posting, I'm adding her to the Fan Service honor roll.

More cosplay fans in action at this Kirinon blog post.

See you in the skies,


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