Tuesday, August 22, 2006

HTML Coding Aids

Just a quick post.

Here are some HTML coding tips I've encountered this week. I had to do some HTML code tweaking in the Microsoft Live Writer blog tool and I needed to understand the differences between the hex code color values and the RGB code values.

Color charts via Doug's Home Page:

RBG Hex Chart
RGB Decimal Chart
Color Definitions

VisiBone Popups: "The HTML Popup is a tall skinny on-screen quick reference showing all HTML tags and attributes in use or universal. It includes color-coded indications of support by Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer and W3C, plus style sheet alternatives, and bug and clash icons with details online." Links ot HTML Popup, Hex Color Popup, and Decimal Color Popup. Also allows for desktop installation of these reference tools.

I really find the HTML Popup resources very nice.

Visibone actually publishes a wide range of foldout cards, charts and posters for web designers. They have some quality looking materials here.

Effective Style with em: Post about using em units to scale text for best web-display. Even if you don't do too much web-coding or are just a beginner, this is a good article to read.

Monday by Noon has a number of helpful articles regarding Web standards, semantics, accessibility and design. The articles are generally useful and seem easily approachable by Web design novices. I've been stopping by more frequently. Check out their article list.

Happy Web designing,

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the awesome DOM Inspector tool in Mozilla and Firefox. Far and away the most useful tool I've found for dealing with CSS.