Saturday, August 26, 2006

Reason #5

Reason #5 why I should have been a geology major in college.

I could write prose like this:

"All are contact metamorphosed to some degree by post-tectonic granites, the strike direction is again northwest with a vertical cleavage."


"Unusual orbicular granite formed by coronas of reaction rims of oriented hornblende formed around xenolithic inclusions, unfortunately not found in place. Is it pre- or post-tectonic?"

and again,

"That there can be so much dissent about a simple, well exposed granitic pluton of modest dimensions, makes one despair for the future of granitic petrology. One cannot help remark that confusion might be less if people read the original definitions!"

Oh well...

I don't get the lingo, but the pictures on the The Ross Sea Dependency including Victoria-Land Geology page are really spectacular. (Click the pictures to load large-size images.)

I really love this one. (Sled-dogs ahead!)

From the Ross Sea - Antarctica homepage.


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