Friday, August 04, 2006

I'm Mad about You, Baby!

Very rarely do I take time off from work.

When I do, it is usually to accompany Lavie to a periodic medical specialist's appointment, or to take care of a sick Alvis.

I wouldn't consider myself a "work-aholic" but I do really enjoy (most days) my job and what I do.

But today was a slow day and I just felt a strong urge to play "hookie" so I cashed in some extra leave chips I've been holding onto and am just chillin' with the kid here at home.

I've got some blog linkage to knock out so this will give me a good chance to catch up.

Right now I'm hanging out here on the floor using Lavie's notebook. Alvis and I are running through a special-edition DVD set of "Mad About You." I have to confess...watching this really makes me miss Lavie (still at work) as this show was first on TV while we were newlyweds. So many of the episodes mirror own own early days as a couple it brings back lots of silly and warm memories.

Like the day I proposed to Lavie.

Flashback...Christmas day 1990. Lavie and I were exchanging gifts upstairs in my room. I was still living with my Mom, college graduation and independence less than a year away. I had just given Lavie her gift, a racquetball racket. She was, um, politely happy but some glimmer of disappointment might have crossed her face.

Then Lavie presented me with her gift to me, a stunningly beautiful antique-style Seiko Chronograph wrist watch. She even had the back engraved with an endearment.

I looked at her, and asked her "What am I going to do with you?" This was our little back-and-forth word-play game as of late. To which she answered (right on queue),

"Well, marry me."

Except this time I was ready for her. Instead of the usual giggles that ended that game, from a hidden stash, I produced a small box to Lavie and said, "OK, I think I will!"

So I ended up tricking Lavie into proposing to me and the rest, as they say, has been a history.

I still have her watch to me and she still has my ring to her. And the racquetball racket? Who knows where it disappeared to...

Lavie--I'm still mad about you, baby!


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Anonymous said...

I'm kind of surprised the story didn't involve her whacking you with the racket after you produced the ring. Just to add to the romance of the moment.

That was really sweet, thanks for sharing it.