Friday, August 18, 2006

Back on the Carafe

Confession time. A few weeks ago I bought a coffee pot.

See, we have this big 12-cup coffee maker. I used it for a long time, but as I am the only coffee drinker in the house (unless Lavie's dad is visiting) it was overkill to make my morning two cups in the thing. So I shelved it and switched to instant. (When I'm not picking up "real" coffee at Starbucks or McD's or Dunkin Donuts.)

I've been drinking the instant stuff for a long time. It isn't the same as fresh-brewed, but it was fast and easy. I also keep some of those "Folger's Singles" around. Kinda like coffee tea-bags.

So the other day I saw an ad on TV for Folger's Simply Smooth coffee. Supposed to be easier on your tummy (lower acids or something). Only it didn't come in instant. But I didn't want to drag out that 12-cup monster again. So I found a tiny 4-cup pot.

It's just the right size, light on the counter space takeup. and works great.

Lavie found the coffee and it is pleasantly lower acid. The taste is mild, and I perfer a darker, stronger roast, but it's fine for a first morning cup.

Only I ran out the other day and being too lazy to go grocery shopping, used up all my instant. That forced me to go back to the store today and get a new canister of Folgers.

And then I picked up another "gormet" roast while I was in the coffee section, in addition to the "mild" stuff I went to get.

Now I'm back on the coffee carafe again. It's just a matter of time before I go and start buying the whole-bean bags from Starbucks again. I could easily pass them up when I didn't have the 4-potter, now...not so easy.


The only good thing is that we don't have any coffee shops like this one nearby. Coffee House Rouen. Check out the pictures for larger views. It would be the perfect "pub-like" atmosphere for a guy like me to hang out in and get lost in meaningful conversations at. I love hanging at Starbucks, but I don't think it would be quite the same vibe. I could only imagine.

I'd have to move in and Lavie would never see me again. Alvis might visit, though. I'm pretty sure Lavie's dad would hang out here with me. He seems to be the "pub" sort.



Anonymous said...

Claus - I too am the only coffee drinker in the house and I make 6 cups each morning but only drink 2-3 cups. If you are serious about coffee (and I can see you are), you should consider a vacuum pot. I'm partial to the Bodum Santos Vacuum Pot - the small one makes 5 cups (about $80). You should invest in a good burr grinder (Braun makes a good one for less than $25), get some Peets (1 LB of MAJOR DICKASON'S BLEND (Whole Bean) for $12.95), and start your vacuum brew experience. I don't think you will be in any danger of going back to instant coffee once you've tried vacuum brewing!

Works great with tea also but I'm an Aggie not a tea-sipper... :)


PS. Thanks for the pics of Coffee House Rouen; I'd love to open a coffee house like that some day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm with you on the vacuum brewing, although I've only done it for espresso, not "regular" brewing. I've got both a grinder and a mill. And the whole bean selection thing boggles me. I appreciate your recommendation and will have to look for it.

While my daughter isn't a coffee drinker she does love her teas. I've been showing her how to make a decent tea in the coffee pot. We've got quite a few loose-leaf teas, and Lavie's always bringing us home international teas from her co-worker's travels. I've been given some nice Oriental teas by some of my Eastern co-workers as well.

Been a slow day on the tech-front so I think you inspired me to do a 2nd post on coffee stuff later this afternoon when the weekend chores are cleared out!


Anonymous said...

Claus - here's a great site in Japan to buy some tea. The owner is a tea farmer, CEO, CFO, Secretary, etc. He not only sells tea, he spends a lot of time sending out e-mails full of tea education. He always includes a little origami with each shipment.

Claus said...

Oh my Gosh!

Hibiki-an is Gorgeous!

Lavie would die with pleasure if she got one of those gift-sets for Christmas! (She collects tea-sets).

Thank you SO MUCH for the tip, Anonymous!