Sunday, June 17, 2007

Interesting Software Product Blogs

I work hard to try to find and follow (via RSS feeds) software product blogs on applications I use.

It isn't always a very easy thing to do.  Many of these are pretty well hidden.

I love tracking them down, as they are often written by individuals or teams of the application developers.  Reading them can give great insights into the inner workings of my favorite software, tips on unpublished features, or advance glances at what the next version will contain.

Because of my reliance on them, my RSS feed lists for the technical blogs I follow are quite long. However, despite the added work monitoring them, I feel they pay off in my desktop support skill-set development.

Here are a few I have dug up from the Web garden this past week:

Blog List

whateverblog - Written by Joe Cheng, a developer on the Microsoft Windows Live Writer team.  Always one for an inside scoop, I am hopeful that Joe might drop some tidbits of upcoming Windows Live Writer features.

DragonStyle - found via a blogroll check from Joe.  This neat WLW tip post alone is worth my keeping an eye on things here for a while: A Great Writer Feature.  It simply took care of one of my constant aggravations with WLW, forgetting to set categories before publishing.

Beck's Microsoft Blog - another find of a blogroll check from Joe.  Has some WLW related posts, so I'm going to monitor this one as well for tippage.

Microsoft Office Outlook Team Blog - Just newly hatched so not hardly any posts yet. Might be a source of upcoming features and tippage from the Outlook product team at Microsoft.

McAfee SiteAdvisor Blog - The joy that I get most from my desktop and network support job is when I am able to do incident response and recovery on a desktop system.  It's not just about trying to clean a system, but figure out what happened in the first place so we can develop better protection as well as more effectively clean a system next time.  This blog from the McAfee team provides some great technical analysis on Web safety.  The articles are well detailed out and nicely illustrated.  It has been a long time since I last used a McAfee product (except for Stinger) but they are on the ball.

Blogger in Draft - Remember when it used to be Blogger Beta?  Now it is Blogger and all new features under development are being held in "Blogger in draft" for the Blogger brave.  This blog will highlight new features planned for Blogger as well at tips for using them while they undergo development.

Maybe you might find something interesting in them as well.


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