Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fun things to see

Here are a few light and fun things worth looking at.

I've been on a blogging binge with some heavy posts and while I still have a few "project" type posts waiting in the wings...they are going to keep waiting for now.

So I will probably sign off for the next few days as I turn my attention back to Lavie and Alvis and my training classes this week. (Or maybe not <smiles>.)

Enjoy these and I promise I will be back soon!

TechEBlog » CD Hole Art - I never would have thought of making my CD labels like that. Now I can't help but plan out my next utility disk labels with this in mind!

TechEBlog » V8 Engine Computer Case - Awesome custom pc case. Would look right at home in a machine shop.

TechEBlog » World’s Most Powerful Diesel Engine - Damn that's one big engine! Imagine the mess a thrown-rod would do in that sucker!

Q-TARO.COM: Jinba Ittai 2 - Japanese blogger Q-Taro gets delivery of his brand new, awesome Mazda roadster. Man it is beautiful (sighs)...then he takes it on the road: Q-TARO.COM: RHT First Impressions.

Hendrik Monastery History - Abandoned Photography : - Haunting pictures of decay.

Sanitarium Joseph Lemaire History - Abandoned Photography : - Even more stunning by the inclusion of "before" images for comparisons to the "now" ruins.

BLDGBLOG: The Labyrinth and the Stairway - Reminds me of the sets from "What Dreams May Come" one of my favorite "mental/visual" movies.

See you in the skies...


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