Saturday, June 30, 2007

Grand Stream Dreams Blog - Rated ?

For Entertainment Purposes Only

I was hanging out over at Gillian's Gillianic Tendencies blog and was amused by the following post: Not that arbitrary tests and ratings by websites looking for free advertising really mean anything

Seems she had stumbled upon a website page at Mingle2 that will rate your blog/website according to movie-rating guidelines...or something like that.

Gillian's blog rated "R" due to 5 cheeky words. Edgy girl, that Gillian!

Grand Stream Dreams - Family Friendly

So I bit and went on to put my main blog page in the tester:

Ahh! A family-friendly blog. Just what I wanted to find.

But then I surmised that it was only checking just the posts displayed on the main page.

What would happen if I put them all in?

Grand Stream Dreams - The Dark Side

I loaded in my blog's "backup-bookmark" to see what the rating would be based on all my posts. See this post for reference: Easy Blogger blog Backup Tip

Oh goodness!

Since my blog is primarily tech-related, I guess the tech world does have a much darker side!

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • dead (30x)
  • pain (22x)
  • kill (17x)
  • dangerous (14x)
  • hurt (13x)
  • xxx (8x)
  • steal (7x)
  • zombie (6x)
  • punch (5x)
  • gun (4x)
  • bastards (3x)
  • crap (2x)
  • suicide (1x)

So read this blog at your own risk, please....

How the Crowd stands:

Other blogs I enjoy had their current main-pages rated accordingly:


1 comment:

Therion Ravenwing said...

I assume that Mingle2 works best in all-english pages, but my blog is in spanish with just a few portions in english (spanish is my mother language). My blog was rated PG, which is funny since that is exactly what I was trying to accomplish , but since Mingle2 seems to only recognize english...
Anyway. I've been an avid reader of your blog ever since I accidentally stumbled upon it in March while trying to fix a problem with the dreaded Windows Auto Updater (similar to what happened to your dad's PC). It has helped me a lot with some PC issues, and I even got a layout just like yours because it looked better than the one I was using.
Keep up the good work!